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“I can assure if you choose the Inside Pitch for your child, they are in good hands. Have fun and enjoy the Inside Pitch.”
Kevin Brian, Director, Canadian Scouting – Toronto Blue Jays

“The Inside Pitch fitness program that I did before I came to school this summer prepared me for this upcoming fall season. With the fall baseball season starting up I feel that I am physically and mentally prepared to succeed. The program puts emphasis on core development which is a key factor in pitching, but the program also puts you through a test which helps mentally. Each training session is a challenging task, and within weeks you can feel the difference. The program is specifically designed for baseball players and each exercise has a specific importance directly related to the game. This fitness program is one of many steps that all baseball players should be involved in if they want to play college baseball and/or professional baseball.” – Cory Hall, Santa Clara University, Idaho Falls Chukars (Kansas City Royals)

“As a parent we have seen our son and daughter’s skill improve which has enhanced their love of baseball.
As a coach I’ve seen kids enter evaluations with improved arm strength, pitching technique and hitting ability.
As a president of an association Inside Pitch has been instrumental in evaluating our group to help us place players on teams with their best chance to succeed.
Thank you to Morgan and the staff from Inside Pitch for your professional and fun approach to baseball instruction. We look forward to many more years of success!”
Lonnie Griffin
Broncos Baseball

“As you go through the process of parenting a player through high level ball, you learn that being a good player in Canada simply isn’t going to get you noticed by US College Coaches. They have so many players to see in their own backyard. You really need someone in your corner, who knows how college coaches think, what they’re looking for and how to get noticed. Morgan Reiter not only called coaches on our behalf, he gave me some of the most solid advice along the way. As a parent of a ball player, even a very hard-working and talented one, it’s always tough to figure out what to do, and where to spend your money. Morgan picks great tournaments to travel to, has the appropriate roster size, and provided a great experience for my son.

His key advice to me afterward helped us to land a full ride scholarship in Florida to the #12 ranked Junior College in the US Thanks again Morgan!” – Ken Diewert,
Nanaimo, BC

“Thanks again for the all you did for the boys with this opportunity. This really was a great trip for Ben, he definitely learned a lot. I know he’s coming back with a much better understanding of what he needs to work on and the commitment that will require. We had a great time and really enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks again!” – Ward Komonosky

“Hi Morgan, I just wanted to let you know how much the Pitching and Hitting Camps helped Steven in our Provincials – Steven pitched the final game for the Championship and received the Player of the Game, and he and Zack Erixon, another player of mine who attended the Hitting Camp, were hitting all weekend like they never have all season. THANK-YOU again Morgan – we’ll be watching for your camps again next year for sure.” – Bob Gilewicz

“Dear Morgan,

First of all I want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put in making me a better ball player, and a better player as well. You have given me chances to succeed from the training sessions several times a week, to the trips down south in front of college scouts. Second for your dedication to the program you run by breaking down my mechanics and finding the best way to improve my pitching, accuracy and velocity. When I first came to you three years ago I was struggling to hit 70 mph. Now I’m touching 84 mph and have been invited to the T12 tournament at the Roger Center in Toronto. Finally for your support. You have constantly put a good word in for me to coaches all over. Giving me that extra chance that I wouldn’t have gotten without you. Thank you for your support you’ve always pushed me to do my best and it’s the reason I’m where I am today and for everything you’ve done for me, I’ll never forget it.”

Sincerely, Jackson Fraser

Nathan had a tremendous year in ball this year. His pitching and hitting were amazing to watch and I can’t wait to see what next year will be with learning the skills in your lab.
Nathan’s confidence was through the roof and he was not afraid to hit the ball. This year it was not “I hope he doesn’t strike out” it was more “how far is he going to hit”. LOL!
He did manage to pull out a Home Run over the fence in Weyburn in June and he was so proud and we of course were also. It was a pretty amazing experience for him and his parents.
Nathan would like to attend the Open House on this upcoming Saturday so he can bring the payment of the remaining balance if you so wish or we can just bring it in October.

Crystal Yunick

Inside Pitch Baseball Academy and Morgan Reiter played a huge part in my development in baseball. Morgan takes pride in improving my game and others. Morgan loves what he does and it shows, everyday he arrives with a smile and is excited to start sessions. He has outstanding connections with many schools in the states and have spent countless hours trying to find a school for myself and various others. There are so many accomplishments he has achieved with Inside Pitch that many others cannot compare. He has spent thousands of hours with clients helping them reach their dreams of playing college level ball and he has succeeded. Morgan has brought many teams to prestigious tournaments for valuable experience and exposure. Morgan only provides the best for his clients and nothing less, he not only builds and improves skill but he builds character. I’ve learned what it takes for the next level, and what true passion of the game is. Morgan is a huge role model for me and is the man who got me to where I am today. I am proud to be part of this amazing program and excited for the bright future of IPBA. – Ryan Gaab

Good day Morgan and the IP team…

I just wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts on the program and the impact it has had on both of my boys over the last year and a half.

Oliver started in your Pitching Instruction over a year ago with Anthony, and had the odd make-up session with yourself. Although he loved the classes, and had the utmost respect for his instructors, I initially hesitated having him “in so much”. These thoughts began to change as I saw him progress from week to week. As he entered his first official year of Mosquito this season, I know he had certainly developed his skills through IP, but seeing it in action would tell the whole story.

Well, at 9 years old, and 6 games into the season, he has dominated:)… He not only routinely strikes out batters at will, but his form on the mound, and his confidence while pitching is absolutely awesome to watch!! Our team just took home the title in the Regina tournament and Oliver pitched his way through 10 K’s in 4 innings to lead the way…….so a huge thanks to IP, to yourself, and to Anthony who have all contributed to his current ability, his continued success, and his desire to want to keep getting better!!

And I can’t forget to give a shout out to Tyler and how he has been a major factor in Oliver’s confidence at the plate, and his ability to get on base when we need him to.

As well, his brother Owen, who was part of the Future Stars program this past year is ready to start chucking as well:)…

With all that being said, as soon as you know how things will look for this upcoming Fall, you already have 2 boys looking to continue pitching, and Oliver looking into the Infielding session  as well!!

Have a great day. Thanks again for the continued opportunities you provide and the high expectations you place on these young athletes.  Rob Newman (on behalf of Oliver and Owen Newman)

“Giles just flew down to Carthage Texas to attend Panola College on his full scholarship. We attribute that to you Morgan. We realize your friend and colleague Jim Chapman played a part in Giles having this opportunity however, you made it happen and we are so grateful. Over the course of the last 10 years of training with you and your staff, Giles pitching development has been so progressive and positive. The connection you have with the young people is unmatched as is your ability to draw out the best in them. You have such a keen eye for pitching mechanics and an immense and solid knowledge base of the effort and dedication required to achieve success. You and your staff are true mentors for these young people. You provided the opportunity to train in Tucson in the spring of 2010 and 2011, which was so rewarding. Giles came away with an clear understanding of the level of competitiveness he would be facing at the college level, the pre and post game work required and also some insight as to not only the physical aspect of the game but just as important, the mental component too. Words cannot express the thanks owed to you and IPBA. You are a teacher, motivator, coach and friend and we are blessed to have you in Regina.” – David, Stacey and Giles Virgin

“I think you are doing a great job with the kids you work with. I see great improvement in his form and velocity. Also a great improvement in his overall confidence. He had been told by his coaches that he has a hard throw, but now he has control of it. He likes what he has learned and is proud of his ability, and I can tell because he never complains about practicing pitching or doing towel drills. I feel that between your instruction and the running instruction he gets he is looking forward to the start of baseball season.” – David Stadnyk

“I know that when Mitch and I speak of you and your teaching skills an underlining theme of “easy to use concepts and solid sessions” is always the foundation of our conversations. Another important theme is the idea that Morgan has been there and experienced a high level of baseball and that transfers into the message of commitment and opportunities instilled by Inside Pitch Academy. That type of atmosphere really gives the quality to Inside Pitch that is not often found in sport skill development camps and was certainly appreciated by both Mitch and me.” – Leo MacDonald

“Gentlemen – Just wanted to say THANKS for everything again. My son Luke attended your April camp in Rutland and loved every minute of it . He learned a lot and is looking forward to the next one this summer. Great job! Keep up the good work! Thanks Again.” – Jody Grant (Luke’s Dad)

“Hi Morgan, thought we would let you know that Cole is going to be playing with the Taft Cougars this year. We just got back yesterday from moving him down to California. He was hoping to come and see you before he left but everything came so fast after ball season was over and he still had to fit in his summer job. He hopes to come and see you over the Christmas holidays to let you know how things are going.

Thanks for the past few years of working with him to develop his pitching skills, he has enjoyed coming to every class and working with you, Justin, and Tanner, to name a few. You create such a positive atmosphere for all the boys to train and you take the time to pick out the little things that they are doing wrong so that they can improve their skills. You found us an excellent physiotherapist, when he had a bulged disk in his back to manage his pain. You and Justin helped get him into a College program in the States, we can’t thank you enough! And most importantly, Thanks for being a good friend and role model for him” – The Bentzs’

“I’ve been to several coaches clinics in the past and I can say the instruction at the Inside Pitch is the best I have seen. Morgan took my son’s game to the next level and continues to provide the highest quality instruction.”

“Since you discovered and corrected Stirling’s cutting habit he has worked hard to beat it. He has almost completely eliminated the problem, and best of all, Stirling has had no pain this season!”

“Inside Pitch has provided my son with an opportunity to enjoy improving his pitching skills in a high quality, professional environment.” – Michael Douglas

“Morgan has worked with two of my boys on their pitching for many years. He takes his work seriously, has good teaching skills and the boys love learning from him. I like his style and his ability to communicate what is important. Besides creating a discipline for correct mechanics Morgan picks up on the “little things” that make a big difference.” – Daryl Cooper, Saskatoon

“My son has been seeing Morgan Reiter in the off-season going on 4 years. My son has become a stronger and more confident pitcher through the Inside Pitch. Morgan has become a mentor for my son and he enjoys every session. Morgan treats every pitcher as an individual and creates a solid bond with kids making their instruction more rewarding. There is more to pitching than throwing a ball and Morgan runs the kids through proper pitching mechanics. I guarantee when your child hits the mound during baseball season, the coaches and fellow players will appreciate him.”

“Shawn is, in my opinion, starting to show some real improvement with the benefit of your help and encouragement. We’ve been looking for that ‘little something’ to tip the scales in his favor, and I believe you are that something. I can’t describe how impressed I was to see you make that long trip Tuesday night for their class, words don’t make it! (I hope the return trip was okay.) Plan on seeing lots of Shawn in the coming years, as we’re sold on you as his instructor.” – Blair McDougall

“In Saskatchewan a pitcher does not have much of a chance to advance partly because of the politics but mostly because there is no training or facilities available all winter. We had to pursue this training ourselves. I would like to give Inside Pitch Baseball Academy a lot of credit – I just wish I had known about it sooner. My son has attended for not even one year and he has improved physically and mentally beyond belief. Morgan has the qualifications and experience to take you where you want to go if your work ethic is there.” – Colleen Nahorniak

“I think this program was very helpful for me, even with all the scheduling problems, and I think it was worth coming every week. This program showed me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. It also helped with conditioning and strength in general. I had hoped that this could help me develop into a more dominant pitcher and I think it has. I also want to thank you for helping with my ever-changing schedule and making it possible to attend almost every week. Thanks a lot.” – Adam Ziegler