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The IP Way  


The Inside Pitch Baseball Academy is dedicated to learning and imparting all there is to know about baseball; mechanics, functional conditioning, mental aspects, and nutrition. As we learn, we channel this information to our athletes.

Directory of Player Development Morgan Reiter has been certified by the prestigious National Pitching Association of Dr. Tom House – pitching coach to Barry Zito, Randy Johnson, Cole Hammels and Nolan Ryan (NPA in LA, California). Morgan is the longest-tenured NPA-certified instructor in Canada, and takes pride in his continued development for the benefit of Inside Pitch athletes.

At “the lab” (as we call it), our instructors implement a streamlined approach to working with you, the athlete. We employ some of the brightest baseball minds in the province, and every lesson you receive – regardless of the instructor – will be taught with the same dedication to excellence and bringing out the best in the individual player.

The “IP Way” promotes hard work, dedication to a craft, and individual growth. Our athletes enjoy a team atmosphere at The Lab, with a zero tolerance policy for disrespect of others, or self. We feel this approach allows us to help build not only excellent ballplayers, but people as well.