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Regina Pitcher Development Program  

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Prices subject to change (a 3% service fee is added for Credit Card payments):

  • 1 time per week Jan – April (14 week payment) $575 gst included / Jan – April 16 lessons SAVE $625 gst included
  • 2 times per week  – (save $70 on 2nd payment) must pay directly to insidepitch@cableregina.com for this deal (etransfer)
  • 3 times per week + (save $100 on 3rd payment)must pay directly to insidepitch@cableregina.com for this deal (etransfer)
  • 4 times per week – call (306) 591-6165 or info@insidepitch.ca for pricing

The IP Academy instructors are up-to-date with the latest information and teaching techniques. All instructors follow the IP Academy protocols, insuring a consistent, professional learning experience.  Drills are set up to bring the best out of your child as an individual and each student has their unique signature!

AGES:8 to 20 years old, participants will be grouped according to skill and age as appropriate.

Athletes are taken through a series of developmental exercises and drills.  Each lesson is designed with the appropriate protocols for the week.  Each week builds on the prior week.  The lessons are action packed with the latest techniques for:  Warm up / Power Pitching / Throwing Effectively / Arm Care / Injury Prevention

*Although drills are in a group setting we use scientific research to bring out the best in your child as an individual.  This means that there are 8 critical steps to the pitching delivery and during the delivery your child needs to be in these positions HOWEVER how each player gets into these positions will be UNIQUE TO YOUR CHILD!  It is this individual approach that keeps the athletes at Inside Pitch getting results and takes their game to the next level bringing out the best in your child.

*This is a professional program that is built for ALL skill levels and ages.

Select a session below to continue.  EMAIL FOR WAIT LIST IF SESSION FULL (insidepitch@cableregina.com)

*Ages are set up as a guideline.  If your son is within 1 year of the listed age please email and see if it is possible to sign up for the session in question.
*If you have a group of 6 players wanting to train together we can set up CUSTOM 1hr SESSIONS. Email insidepitch@cableregina.com

*Start Date:  January 7, 2023


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9:15am-10:30am  Ages 8-11  3 Spots

11:30pm-12:45pm  Ages 13-15 SOLD OUT

12:45pm-2pm  Ages 14+  SOLD OUT

4pm-5:15pm  Ages 10-14  SOLD OUT

5:15pm-6:30pm  Ages 12-15 SOLD OUT

6:30pm-7:45pm  Ages 10+ SOLD OUT

7:45pm-9pm Ages 10+  2 Spots


5:00pm-6:00pm Ages 8-11 

6:00pm-7:15pm  Ages 10-14 2 Spots


5:45pm-7pm  Ages 10-14 SOLD OUT
8:00pm-9:15pm   Ages 15+  1 Spot


6:30pm-7:30pm  Ages 10-14  SOLD OUT


6:00pm-7:15pm  Ages 13+ SOLD OUT