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IP Academy Clinics  

Baseball League Representatives!

Would you like the IP Baseball Academy to come to your city or town? If so please emailinfo@insidepitch.ca or call 306-591-6165 for a quote.

These clinics and seminars are designed to address any and all aspects of player development and coaching for your league’s coaches, players and parents. The IP Academy coaching staff will work with your league representatives to host an informative clinic focused on various topics including: pitching, batting, skills, functional fitness, mechanics, and mental/emotional issues. Help the young athletes, coaches, and parents in your league or academy learn from the best to be better both on and off the mound!

The IP Academy has a set of clinics/camps for Baseball Leagues and Clubs that would like to host their own IP Academy Sponsored event. These clinics can be organized by your league or club in association with the IP Academy.

Available clinic types are:

  • IP ACADEMY Coaches Pitching Seminar – 2hrs (lecture based)
  • Spring Pitching Camps – Ages 6-14
  • Spring Hitting and Skills Camps – Ages 6-14
  • Combo Pitching / Infielding / Hitting Camps – Ages 10-18
  • 3 Day Pitcher Development School – Ages 12-18
  • “Fit for the Field” Seminar – 3hrs – Ages 12-18

These seminars/clinics are targeted for Youth Coaches, Parents, and Players.

“Just wanted to let you know what a great experience the day was today. Justin and Nathan were extremely professional, effective and knowledgeable instructors. They quickly developed relationships with the kids. We all had a lot of fun and I think maybe even learned something too. Thanks a bunch!” – Lisa Horsman, Indian Head Baseball Assoc.